Additional Therapies-Hot Stone, Meridian And Trigger Point Massage.

Aditional treatments

Hot Stone Massage:

A one and half hours treatment. Combining Swedish Massage with hot and cold stones to provide and relaxing and stimulating massage. The hot stones provide the warmth and relaxation to ease aching muscles and take away those aches and pains. The cold stones provide a stimulating massage, reducing imflamation and easing muscle strains.

Should you prefer you may use only hot stones.

Meridian Massage:

An additional treatments based on the traditional Chinese method of channeling energy flows around the body 'Qi' . Where the energy is blocked or low, you may feel less active a little lathargic or even ill. Where the energy flow is high and unblocked you can feel vitalised and well.

Using gentle techniques, combined with energy channeling, this massage is calming and relaxing, balancng Yin and Yang.

Trigger Point Massage:

A trigger point can be described as a small area of tightness within a muscle that creates a tight band, knot, or tiny bumps in the contracted muscle. Working with Active and Latent trigger points in this additional treatment, we can ease those aches and pains from the contracted muscles. Muscles that are uncomfortable may result ina Doctor's visit and could involve treatment such as injection with an anaesthic or Spray and Streatch using cold sprays to cool the muscle fibres and manual therapy

Trigger Point massage involves static pressure treatment and deep stroking massage.

Trigger Point massage can be combined with Swedish massage to relieve those aching muscles.

Therapist at Sole-utions Ltd will endevour to develop an individual treatment plan to suit you and your needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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